About Database
This database gives information on earthworm species found in India. The database has a total of  515 species of Indian earthworms,of which details for around 250 species have been included. The database will be updated as and when information is obtained. We have used MYSQL as the back end to store particulars about species and designed the database by the PHP, which was connected through the windows operating system.
Only one database (Hungarian) is available for earthworm species, with no extra information on Indian earthworms.  This database gives the following general information

  • Introduction about earthworm,
  • Taxonomy,
  • Interesting Facts,
  • Global and Indian statistics

Details of each species include 

    • Description
    • Morphology (Length, Diameter, Segments and Colour)
    • Habit and Habitat,
    • Casting,
    • Habit  and Habitat,
    • DNA barcoding.